During PE lessons we ensure our children are offered a broad range of physical activities to develop key competencies such as running, kicking, catching and hitting whilst ensuring children are physically active and participating for sustained periods of time. Whilst also developing evaluating skills and providing opportunities to beat personal bests and improve teamwork skills.  Additionally, we actively encourage children to engage in competitive sports and activities, both inside and outside of school, and to lead healthy, active lives.PE provision at Ravenhurst, whilst rooted in the key aims of the national curriculum, harnesses a ‘sporting culture’ across the school where children enjoy a wide variety of opportunities to take part in clubs and competitions applying the skills taught in their PE lessons. Each term children in years 1 to 6 have lessons focused around the same area of sport, which then culminates in a Level 1 competition across the school at the end of each half term. As part of the Hinkley and Bosworth School Sports & Physical Activity Network (HBSSPN), our curriculum has been aligned with their yearly planner to ensure opportunities for participation in competitions and clubs are accessible to all. Find out all about our clubs and sports by visiting our twitter page @pe_raven.

Children in Years 2 to 5 have swimming lessons and additional sessions are in place to ensure all pupils can swim 25 metres by the time they leave the school in year 6. 

 Throughout their time at school all pupils have the opportunity to take part in outdoor and adventure activities through our residential visits and outdoor pursuits trip when in year 5.

During lunchtimes pupils have access to a wide range of physical activities ensuring they have a 'Happy Lunchtime'.