Our Curriculum

At Ravenhurst  we provide an inclusive, exciting curriculum that equips our pupils with the knowledge, skills and characteristics necessary to lead a rewarding and fulfilling life in modern Britain.

Our curriculum allows pupils to become:

  • successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve
  • confident, articulate individuals who can lead safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
  • responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to the ever-changing society in which they live in, inspiring others

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During their time at our school all children will have the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of events and activities to enrich their learning experience. Please click the link below to find out more: link coming soon

Curriculum Maps

 How has innovation changed our world in a positive way? Who has changed our world?

What makes our world wonderful?  What influences are there in our lives? 


RE is taught following the Leicestershire Scheme which focuses on key questions across all faiths. We teach these units of work during focus weeks throughout the year, allowing us to think deeply and reflect on our own and others beliefs and traditions. Each day we have an assembly which is our act of collective worship which focus on world events and our values. Throughout their time at the school, all pupils visit the local church and we regularly welcome faith visitors to our assemblies.

RE Curriculum Map


Computing lessons are taught discretely predominantly using purplemash units of work, where possible these are linked to our Pathway Questions to further make links and deepen understanding of concepts. Laptops and ipads are utilised across all subjects of the curriculum to further enhance learning where applicable.

Computing Curriculum Map


Our Music lessons follow the Charanga Scheme of learning, in addition to weekly signing lessons carried out in key stages across the school. Pupils have access to a wide range of additional music provision from singing lessons, instrument tuition to class ensemble tuition. Each year we take part in the Young Voices performance at the Birmingham National Indoor Arena and have regularly taken part in choral performances as part of the BBC's fundraising for Children in Need. 

Music Curriculum Map - KS1 Music Curriculum Map - KS2 Music Provision

Modern Foreign Languages

At Ravenhurst, pupils in Key stage 2 learn to read, write and speak French following the Lightbulb Languages scheme of work.. Across the school we learn simple French songs and greetings.

MFL Curriculum Map


Each week our assembly time allows pupils to explore world events and British Values. Each week, these sessions allow pupils to learn more and make connections with their own lives and beyond as we deepen understanding of our school values and celebrate and share our successes across the school. Each week is organised as follows: 

Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 
Picture News Picture News Reflection Values  Celebration Singing 

 During our Tuesday assembly, pupils reflect on the news of the week, explore British Values and the UN rights of a child. They complete a short piece of work focused on this each week.